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[rls] TPR008 Pluge – Dead Head EP


deadhead sideAnother great and deep release by our boy Pluge came out! Release was called Dead Head EP and contains 5 deep techno tracks, all made from one sample pack. Everything mastered at Blacklisted Mastering. Grab your copy from our bandcamp site, and play loud ! Release can be found here:

rgs D.

[rls] Pluge / Wetrix – The Theme From The Past EP (TPR007)


a1401048956_10We can’t say that Transporta is label where you can find a new release every month. That is because do not find it necessary. The important thing is that the new stuff is released just now! After almost a year. Our seventh piec of was named „The theme from the past ep“ and was compiled by founders of Transporta Pluge and Wetrix. Each of them brings two tracks to this release . They produced samples used in this release six to seven years ago and gave it new face exclusively for this occasion. We hope you will enjoy listening as much as we do! Since now our label will also release paid, properly mastered digital releases. You can get the whole new EP here:

We thank you for your support - Transporta records team.

TPRLP01 D_e – Influences EP (album)

3x Commented

d_e-influences_ep_cover_id3_130120After more than one year we are back, and we bring you nine tracker album from polish producer Arkadiusz Waloch aka D_e. Pure old school banger as you can remember it from the golden era of techno! Influences EP are also Arek’s debut album. We are very pleased that D_e joined our dark forces on Transporta Rec., and we all wish that you will like it as much as we do, enjoy…

Arek comes from the western part of Poland, particularly from the small town of Zielona Góra, and this year he will celebrate his 31th birthday. He has been attracted to electronic music from an early age. His project D_e has already made ​​a couple of notches on various labels at his homeland or abroad. For example – Load and Clear (BE), Joint Da Beat (SK), Bavaria (DE) or Tranzzmitter (BR). Almost all of them are focused on deep / dub kinds of electronic music. Arek himself does give a fuck about styles.



TPR006 Elektrabel – TRX12 Remixes

1x Commented

So finaly, after almost 2 years of putting together or just beeing lazy is it comming out – sixth release on Transporta Recordings – Elektrabel’s TRX12 and its remixes. Release contains remixes by worldwide accepted producers, but mainly out fellow „beat fighters“. Slovakian Peal The Band (Numb/SubClub), Serbian Lag (Armatura Rec. /Teskoba Rec.) and Concrete DJz (Armatura Rec./Subsequent Rec.), and Czech Side9000 (Owntempo) and Dialect ( Rec.). Feel free to download and share, and leave us a comment here on site.


TPR005 Robert Pain – Inquisition EP

2x Commented

Another as we think proud release comming out on Transporta Records! Four killing techno tracks from Zagreb based artist Robert Pain! Robert did a big boom with his album Black Queen, and now he strikes our ears again. Feel free to download and link this free release, and please leave us your comments under this post. Cheers.


TPR004 Various Artists – In Dust And Rail EP part 2


We proudly present you the second part of Tranporta Records free release In Dust And Rail EP. The first part was quite succesful as we very gladly found out from some feedback we had received. The second part comes with more experimental stuff from Swarm Intelligence, Dialect, Cyp and Pluge. Here you have the link, we hope you will enjoy the listening, let us know.


TPR003 Various Artists – In Dust And Rail EP pt.1

1x Commented

The time has come, boys and girls. We are giving you the third Transporta Rec. release. After little thinking about proper name for the EP, we present you the VA – In Dust And Rail EP part 1. Eight tracks from artists supporting us was split to two quite precious (i think) EPs. Part 1 occupies japanese killer Tomohiko Sagae, hungarian Doryk and czech producers Dialect and Wetrix. We hope you will enjoy it. Part 2 is planed for 30th Oct.
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TPR002 Cyp – They Saw Us EP

2x Commented

Our second release was produced by our favourite producer and live act Cyp aka Lukáš Novotný sometime in 2005… and even was for a while avaiable for download on Cyp’s website. When this stuff came to us we’d liked it very much and so we’ve decided to take the best from the previous unofficial… release, we tried and remastered it, and we put there one more bonus track – which was for a long time in recordcases of just few of us…it contains legendary speech show which performed our friend dj Daho at party Apokalypsa in 1999, and which Cyp used for this track… so now we have here a 7.tracker ep just for you. Well go on, enjoy it and leave a comment…
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TPR001 Various Artists – With Cutter Bar EP


Free release TPR001 just comming out. First release on free label TRANSPORTA RECORDS is out now! Containing various thoughts of various artists, and probably trying a bit describe the way we would like to go. TPR001 comes with four tracks from these czech artists: Elektrabel, Pluge, Wetrix and Dialect. Four different ways of techno music.
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